Blue Sky Clothing Company was started out of the back of a VW van at the Balfour Ferry Landing many years ago by Marilyn Cobban (click to view an article on Marilyn's story). She saw that women - family, friends, neighbours - were unable to find great-looking wearable fashions.

So, she sourced fabrics, created designs, and produced clothing that fit real women's shapes - without compromising her high ethical standards. With over 20 years of steady growth, Blue Sky has expanded to 9 locations across BC, including Vancouver and Victoria.

Blue Sky offers exceptional value in quality and fit. First, our garments are made from natural fibres, making them unbelievably soft and breathable. Bamboo is silky and smooth, but requires no special treatment and can be made into anything from comfortable yoga pants to elegant evening wear.

Second, we focus on how women are really shaped, from XXS to 4X. We design clothing for real women - all sizes and shapes. We can find a garment that looks amazing on you no matter what. Ultimately, we want our customers to look good and feel even better.

Last but certainly not least, Blue Sky is kind to the people making the garment. Marilyn pays everyone in Blue Sky's extended family a visit every year, and has longstanding relationships with our sewers. We are a Fair Trade company that treats everyone with respect and as a result, our clothes are made with care and love.

Our naturally sourced rayon is Batiked and sewn in Bali. Batiking is a traditional art form which involves applying wax to the fabric so that parts of it do not take on dye - a bit like the western tradition of making an Easter egg! Blue Sky's Fabric production is cottage-industry-based, allowing families to prosper.

Our silky smooth Bamboo is produced and sewn in China, where it is grown. Bamboo is a very sustainable material to use... in part because of Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants on earth!


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